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Tuesday Talk~ 6 month Diaversary

Happy Tuesday, friends!

Hope y’all are off to a great week! I have so much homework to catch up on, but I am determined to get it done today!

Today I am joining Erika and Ashley for their monthly Tuesday Talk link-up.

Tomorrow, is Liz’s 6 month “diaversary” of living with Type 1 Diabetes, so I wanted to give an update on her. I remember December 20 just like it was yesterday, but at the same time it feels longer.

I thought I would have some fancy post typed up about what we’ve learned through 6 months of living with this horrible disease, but I don’t.

It’s hard to put into words what you go through with diabetes unless you actually go through it yourself.

I heard an analogy once about diabetes. It said something like diabetes is a sailboat and your child is sailing out there alone on the sailboat. They have to learn to navigate the rough water and enjoy the smooth sailing water. There are other children that are behind them on land with not a care in the world, but Type 1s are always on the sea navigating their sailboat.

What does this mean? Basically, diabetes NEVER stops! Even with us going on vacation last week, we couldn’t take a break from diabetes.

The thing I miss the most for Liz is her freedom and that she isn’t on dry land anymore, she’s in the sailboat. She no longer has the freedom to just eat whatever she wants. She constantly has to think about what she puts into her body.

I’ve also learned through this diagnosis to give others grace more, {especially Liz}. I am pretty hard on my girls and have high expectations of what they do and how they act. I have learned to “chill” a little with Liz and give her grace.

Does she not make her bed when I want her to? Does she spend a little too much time watching Netflix some mornings? Yes! But guess what? She is constantly thinking of her carb counts, poking herself multiple times a day with her insulin shots, and frankly, diabetes is just hard. So it’s okay if her bed doesn’t get made right away or she zones out for a while watching TV.

I’m so thankful for Liz’s great attitude with this disease and her amazing support system. A few weeks ago she attended a volleyball clinic with a few of her friends. There was another girl there that would NOT stop staring at her Dexcom G6. One of her friends noticed and immediately took Liz away from the situation so she didn’t have to deal with it (and stared the other girl down pretty hard). They later joked that next time the friend was going to “push” on Liz’s Dexcom and say, “you are now turned on” and then Liz would act like a robot! HA

I know her friends have her back no matter what and that makes this momma happy.

As far as the actual disease goes, Liz has been pretty good with her blood sugar levels.

We fight a few stubborn lows every once in a while, but she has been a little more high than usual. (Ask your kid if they are high in public and see the funny looks you get!)

Last check up her A1C was 6.9%. I am thinking when we go in a few weeks it will be a little higher. Chris and I always guess what we think her A1C will be. I am saying 7.2% and Chris says about 7.5%.

Liz recently got the new Dexcom G6 and I will share more about that on my Friday Favorites~ it’s amazing!

Liz is a rockstar and completely amazes us every day. My heart hurts so bad when she cries over a shot and I wish I could take the pain away from her! I pray she always continues to keep her beautiful smile and makes a difference for others with T1D.

Thanks for letting me share with you. I know many of you won’t understand this post, but those that are affected by this disease will hopefully understand my heart today.

Oh, one more thing… I am thankful for my sister! It’s horrible that my nephew has Type 1 Diabetes also, but I love being able to rant to Julie and she knows exactly what I’m feeling and vice versa. She is always a phone call away to encourage me or answer some weird question I may have about carbs or whatnot.

So weird that there is no family history of Type 1 with us, but that we both have a child with it! I guess you could call it a blessing in disguise since we are fighting this disease together. We make pretty good pancreas(es) for our kids!

I pray there is a cure soon where Type 1 becomes Type None!

Have a great Tuesday, friends!


8 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk~ 6 month Diaversary

  1. It looks like you are all embracing this (as hard as that is) but keeping positive. Liz is so lucky to have such supportive parents and friends. Your posts have been so educational to me as well. I can only imagine the amount of information you have all had to learn.

  2. Oh sweet friend! Thank you for being so candid and open about your daughter’s disease. Stephen’s best friend, Jackson, is also a T1, and he’s such a brave kiddo too. You are managing your new life beautifully, and I love your’s & Liz’s outlook. It would be easy to be discouraged all the time, but you are using this diagnosis for so much good! Keep it up, friend!!

  3. I hate that Liz (and Leland) are walking throthis. It honestly sucks but you are a great mom and doing so well handling it all. I had to laugh about the high comment because I always wonder what people think when I say out in public too, “Leland, you are high again.” 😂

    1. It’s funny the things we ask them! So thankful for support from people like you! It’s encouraging to see these kids do so well with the disease!

  4. We have 3 local friends with kiddos with type 1 Diabetes and I was just telling them that you got your G6 and they are so excited to be getting theirs too soon 🙂 I am so glad it means fewer pokes!

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