Tuesday Thoughts

Y’all, there is so much on my heart.

If you follow the news at all, then you know everything that is going on in the world today.

Roe vs. Wade overturned.

Gas prices are the highest they’ve ever been.

Grocery prices are through the roof.

School shootings and police not doing their jobs properly.

The list could go on and on, but you get my point.

Every post on social media seems to be screaming hatred and division.

I guess my thought today is that I get mad constantly seeing all the hatred and division to each other.

Honestly, are these worldly things going to change our happiness level or our Christian walk? Maybe temporarily, but not permanently.

The older I get the more I realize that this life is so short and truly is a vapor like the Bible says.

I also realize that no matter what our opinions are, we should love all people. My opinion won’t change your opinion. Our country has to stop blaming the other side and just start loving people, no matter if you have different beliefs.

There are also more heartbreaking things in life than court decisions or gas prices.

I know of a young family on IG that I follow that just lost their son in a drowning.

One of our school’s secretaries lost her mom and step dad in a tragic car wreck.

My BIL has to have a major back surgery soon.

All of these things are examples of truly hurting people.

Please remember before you share your opinion to just be kind. We are all human trying to do our best in this thing called life.

Seek out those that are truly hurting around you today and love your neighbor. Love them hard, just like Jesus commanded us to, no matter what the gas prices are. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I think this right here is such a huge reason why I tend to shy away from social media and the news. I feel myself getting angry and anxious and worked up… but bottom line is that while all these things certainly affect my life and my kids’ lives I really don’t let it affect our happiness and our day to day living (other than trying to drive a bit less and combine errands, look for sales, etc). I am much happier spending time with friends and family and focusing on the good that we can all do and the love we can spread.

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