Happy #62

Dear Dad,

Today you would’ve turned 62. My heart hurts deeply knowing you aren’t here for us to celebrate anymore. But we still take this day and talk about all things Papa Tim and what he loved.

Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you. I am so proud I am your daughter. Just last weekend someone told me there was definitely no denying that I am a Helms and your kid. Made me smile.

So much has happened this past year. The most recent thing is that mom retired. Can you believe it?? I am so happy for her. We had a big retirement party for her and loved celebrating her. It was so fun! She is doing so great and is loving the retired life.

Nini Helms is doing good. She’s having a little trouble right now with her diverticulitis and is a skinny little thing, but other than that she is still plugging along. Grandad is doing good too. Stubborn as ever and almost 95! We wonder if he will live as long as great-grandma Ella did.

Julie and Matt are still living the farm life and doing so good. The girls love going to their house and helping on the farm. Julie took a new job with Missouri Highlands and works at Doniphan now. No more driving all the time! It’s so great for her.

Chris and I are still teaching in Dexter and loving life. I am finally certified to be a principal and hope to become one within the next few years.

The best thing we did this past year was bought a river lot.

We also bought a camper to keep on our river lot and basically lived there all summer long. It was the best thing. We are learning that the simple life on Current River makes us the happiest. We hope to live in our camper full time once Emily graduates.

I get sad thinking about how I wish we would’ve had this lot while you were still here. I know you would’ve loved to just sit down on the river bank with me and watch the boats go by.

Tyler is a junior and crushing it in school. He is SMART like his momma! He reminds me so much of you in his looks. He’s big and wears a size 13 shoe, but is the kindest hearted kid I know.

Lizzie is in her freshman year of high school and just got done playing volleyball. You would’ve loved being in the stands cheering her on. She wants to grow a few more inches, but I think she’ll turn into a decent little player! She also has her first boyfriend, so we aren’t sure how we feel about that.

Emily is well, just Emily. Full of life. Loving 8th grade and being the top dog of the school. She is cheering right now and fun to watch! She has so much spunk and sass and smiles all the time. Perfect gig for her.

Zach is all about hunting and fishing. He loved being with us a lot this summer on the river and turned into quite the fisherman like you and his dad and Uncle Chris.

Both Liz and Zach are taking great care of their diabetes and continue to not let it stop them.

There’s so much more I could say, but for now I’ll leave it as this.

Even though you should still be here, I know you wouldn’t trade your seat in Heaven for anything. I miss you more than words can say.

Love you so much. I’ll probably eat some cheddar cheese Pringles, drink a real Dr. Pepper, and eat an oatmeal creme pie in honor of your birthday.

Happy 62nd Birthday in Heaven, dad!

PS. Haley had her first baby yesterday! She missed having him on your birthday by one day. It’s a little boy named Nolan, and he’s the sweetest thing ever!

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