A Day in the Life

A Day in the Life

Happy Wednesday!

Thanks for all the love on the girls’ sunflower pictures yesterday. I was so proud of them!

Today, I wanted to share a day in the life post with you. I documented my day on Monday.

This is what a normal day in the summer looks like for me:

Wake up around 7:00. 7:15 on this particular morning. I slept through some Dexcom alarms (Sugarmate) with Elizabeth’s low, but I knew Chris had handled it.

Laid in bed until around 7:45 on my phone surfing the web and reading my devotion. After I got up, I instantly made my bed.

Started a load of laundry:

Go to Wal-Mart for my grocery pick up since I didn’t make it over the weekend to get groceries.

Unload said groceries! This is a CHORE and always takes me around an hour to get everything cleaned and put away properly.

Make the girls muffins for breakfast:

Fold a load of laundry while muffins bake:

Wake the girls up and serve them their muffins. This is around 9:30 in the morning. I always make sure they are up before 10:00. Mean mom, I know!

Gave Elizabeth her insulin shot and noticed her bag was running low with pen needles, so I restocked her bag for her. She usually always does this and is so responsible but I like helping her and making her life easier whenever I can.

Curled and straightened the girls’ hair and then got ready myself while they went downstairs to get ready.

Folded another load of laundry while I waited for them to get ready.

Finally we were able to leave the house around 10:45 to head to a sunflower farm about an hour away.

Stopped for lunch at Diary Queen~ we love their chicken strips! We also stopped at Chris’s thrift store and said hi to him and switched vehicles out with him. He was working all day.

Finally made it to our destination around 12:15. We were in AWE of this sunflower farm. It was absolutely gorgeous.

We stayed here for well over an hour walking the grounds, taking pictures, and having fun. See more pictures here from yesterday’s post. It was a great afternoon with my girls!

We headed back home but not before a quick stop at Sonic to get a snack and something cold to drink.

Made it back home and got our sunflowers situated that we brought back from the farm.

Immediately started more chores (changing the trash out in the garage and more laundry) while the girls changed clothes.

Started cooking supper around 4:30. Chris had football practice that evening at 5:30, so we ate an early meal.

Ate supper together. Eating supper at the dining room table is one of my favorite things! We try to do it at least 4 times a week. Supper tonight was cheddar brats, sweet corn on the cob, fried potatoes, mac and cheese, and fried squash. YUMMY!

After we ate, Chris left for football practice and Emily started getting ready for basketball practice. Liz went down to her room to watch some Chicago PD. She’s obsessed with that show right now!

While they did this, I cleaned up the kitchen. #momlife never stops!

Then, I went outside and shocked the pool and added more water to the pool. With all this heat, the water has been evaporating quickly!

I dropped Emily off for basketball practice around 5:45.

When I got back home I was finally able to get my workout in. I am doing the 21 day fix by Beach Body and that day was Yoga day! Thank goodness, my muscles were sore.

It was a 30 minute work out, so I still had time to keep exercising before I had to pick Emily up from practice at 8:00.

Liz and I decided to go for a walk together. I love one on one time with the girls! We walked right at 2 miles and were SWEATING when we were done!

When we got back home I folded my last load of laundry for the day! #finally

I picked Emily up from basketball. She makes me smile all the time!

When I got home I watered my flowers.

After that, Chris was finally home from football practice, so we went for a drive together while the girls showered for the evening.

Chris and I usually try to get away from the house just us two every day for at least a few minutes. We let Happy ride along this time and she was loving life:

Came back home to unload the dishwasher and make sure the house is picked up:

Then we all always meet in the living room to watch TV and catch up on our day. (Around 9:00 p.m.) This is another favorite part of my day. I chose to eat Cheetos during this time. Not the best snack but SO good!

We put the girls to bed around 10:00 (their screen time shuts off at 10:30, so they have 30 minutes to chill in their rooms with their phones).

Then Chris and I spent some time together. We try every night to put our phones up after we put the girls to bed and enjoy each other’s company with no distractions for at least an hour or so.

I ended the evening with watching some TV and surfing the web again.

Before calling it lights out around midnight.

Honestly, each day in the summer looks somewhat different. Sometimes we swim, sometimes we go to the river, but there’s a good balance of fun and work each day.

Have a great Wednesday!

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  1. I slept in these past few days until 5:15/ 5:30! I tend to call my boys down for breakfast by 8:30; we’re early risers around here I guess.

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