What Are You Carrying?

One of the positive things during this pandemic is that Chris and I are listening to a lot of good preaching right now.  I love being able to stream different church services right from our living room! 

One preacher preached a phenomenal message a few weeks ago and asked this question:

Are you carrying fear or faith? 

Obviously, right now there is a wave of fear going around our world.

What you CARRY to others is so contagious!!!


Have you ever truly stopped and thought about what you carry with you?? 

Will you carry and spread love, hope, peace?

Or fear and anxiety?

I told you all the other day that our family has said we are going to replace our fear with faith and turn our worry into worship!  

Lord, I pray today that I spread and carry love, hope, and peace to others.  Please fill me with your Spirit and let others see that you are indeed a Good ,Good Father even amidst trials and tribulations.  If any of my friends are suffering with fear and anxiety let them know that they can always count on You to give them peace and comfort in their life. 


Try to be a carrier today of God’s love, peace, and hope!  


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