Adventure Tuesday

Adventure Thursday – Coward’s Hollow

Hey, hey! It’s Tuesday!

Last week our Adventure Thursday took us wayyyyyy out in the boonies!

It was the hardest place to find, but also one of the neatest places!

The hike to it was steep, but we had our trusty walking sticks so that helped!

It was a beautiful day and I was reminded that it is a blessing of being together during this crazy pandemic! So glad we can still go outside and enjoy nature.

8 thoughts on “Adventure Thursday – Coward’s Hollow

  1. We are hoping to get outside today for some hiking (though we may have to settle for a walk depending on how many trees are blocking roads after yesterday’s storm). It has been a full week and boy do I miss getting out!! Looks like a lovely area to hike.

  2. These pictures are beautiful! Doesn’t it help to have nice weather during this?!?! Getting out for hikes has ben so helpful for our family.

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