COVID-19 (Third Update)

It’s Friday! Honestly, we have lost track of what day it is here in our house!

We got the news yesterday that our schools were going to be remained closed until April 24. We were supposed to go back April 6, but there are still too many cases of COVID-19 going around.

President Trump stated that non-essential workers need to stay home now until April 30, so it will be interesting to see if we go back or not on April 24. My guess is we won’t be going back this school year.

Chris and I have been going on a lot of walks. We are enjoying this slower time with the girls. Lots of board games, lots of family dinners, and being lazy!

In our county alone we now have 7 confirmed cases.

Here was the breakdown for MO the other day:

And another update that Katie Couric posted; the numbers are alarmingly high!

We are praying for everyone involved in this pandemic. Those that are still working and those affected by this virus!

Here is another thing I saw on FB that I want to always remember as well:

Gas price a mile from home was $1.55
School cancelled – yes cancelled
Self-distancing measures on the rise.
Tape on the floors at grocery stores and others to help distance shoppers (6ft) from each other.
Limited number of people inside stores, therefore, lineups outside the store doors.
Non-essential stores and businesses mandated closed.
Parks, trails, entire cities locked up.
Entire sports seasons cancelled.
Concerts, tours, festivals, entertainment events – cancelled.
Weddings, family celebrations, holiday gatherings – cancelled.
No masses, churches are closed.
No gatherings of 50 or more, then 20 or more, now 5 or more.
Don’t socialize with anyone outside of your home.
Children’s outdoor play parks are closed.
We are to distance from each other.
Shortage of masks, gowns, gloves for our front-line workers.
Shortage of ventilators for the critically ill.
Panic buying sets in and we have no toilet paper, no disinfecting supplies, no paper towel no laundry soap, no hand sanitizer.
Shelves are bare.
Manufacturers, distilleries and other businesses switch their lines to help make visors, masks, hand sanitizer and PPE.
Government closes the border to all non-essential travel.
Fines are established for breaking the rules.
Stadiums and recreation facilities open up for the overflow of Covid-19 patients.
Press conferences daily from the President. Daily updates on new cases, recoveries, and deaths.
Government incentives to stay home.
Barely anyone on the roads.
People wearing masks and gloves outside.
Essential service workers are terrified to go to work.
Medical field workers are afraid to go home to their families.

Hope y’all are staying healthy and safe!

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