COVID-19 (2nd Update)

Good morning, friends!

This is day 6 of our quarantine and we are still enjoying every minute of it.

We have stuck to a schedule every day. Nothing “strict” and DEFINITELY nothing school related.

Just a simple schedule to keep us off our phones all day and ways to be productive.

Today I will clean and organize the bathrooms upstairs and then I have successfully gone through every room upstairs.

I’ve gotten rid of so much trash and donated tons of old things! It feels so good to go through every closet and drawer and have the time to do this!

Here is my second update on what’s happening with COVID-19:

All of the information can be overwhelming to read and listen to concerning the coronavirus. I have found to follow Katie Couric on IG for her daily updates.

Here are the updates from the last few days:

March 19
March 21 (somehow I skipped March 20)

As you can tell, there are over 30,000 cases in the U.S. alone! This number has grown FAST!

We are still doing our part in #socialdistancing. We are going to continue to play games, binge watch Netflix, and be somewhat productive!

Stay healthy!

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