California- Part 2

Happy Tuesday!

After today we only have 2.5 days left until Christmas break! We are ready!

Today is the last recap of Elizabeth’s CA birthday trip. If you missed the first part, check it out here.

Saturday it was a beautiful, sunny day in CA!

We walked down to Fisherman’s Wharf again and bought tickets for a cruise around the bay.

This bay cruise took us underneath the Golden Gate Bridge and all around Alcatraz Island. They gave an audio tour about the history of both things and it was so interesting.

Seeing the Golden Gate Bridge that up close and from every angle was fascinating and something I’ll never forget!

After the cruise, we ate lunch and then decided to rent bikes for the day.

After walking 10 miles the day before we got a little smarter and decided riding bikes would be better!

We rode all the way down to the Golden Gate Bridge and stopped multiple times for different picture opportunities!

The views were all breathtaking!

We were brave and decided to bike all the way across the bridge. It was a little intense!

Let’s just say people take their biking in San Francisco seriously and we are amateurs!

But it was still fun and something we were glad we did!

After we got off the bridge, we had to bike another 5 miles to get to the ferry. They didn’t tell you this part when you rented the bikes! HA

We could have ridden our bikes back, but we were pretty worn out and decided the ferry was the best way back.

We called it an early night after eating supper and went to bed!

Sunday was our last morning in San Francisco.

Liz’s agenda for the day was to find the Painted Ladies and Full House house.

We headed to Alamo Square first thing that morning.

The Painted Ladies were really cool to see!

Most people think the Full House house is part of the Painted Ladies. This is not true though.

Even though you see the Painted Ladies on the show at the beginning, the actual house is a few blocks away on Broderick Street.

It was so cool and surreal to see it in person! We are Full House and Fuller House fans in our house!

I only wish they still had the front door painted red like on the show!

I also feel sorry for whoever lives there now, they are probably always bothered with people!

Next up I wanted to find the Mrs. Doubtfire house since we were so close to it.

Liz was clueless at what it was and I have failed her because Mrs. Doubtfire is such a classic movie! We will be watching it soon.

After all that exploring we ate lunch together and then went back to our hotel to get our stuff ready to go.

I wish we would’ve had 1 more day in the city. There was so much we wanted to do, but we just ran out of time!

Our flight back home was delayed because of winter weather, but we made it back home safely and we were so glad to see our beds!

Having this uninterrupted time with Elizabeth was priceless. We made some great memories together and I’m so thankful for this time with her.

I still can’t believe she’s a teenager!

Hope your Tuesday is great. A week from today is Christmas Eve! Yay!

3 thoughts on “California- Part 2

  1. What a fun day! We are huge Full House/ Fuller House fans too. And all my boys have watched Mrs. Doubtfire; that’s a must see classic around here!

  2. I was going to ask if somebody actually lives in the Full House house! You are right, they are probably tourist-filled much of the time. I think that would make me not want to live there for sure. Loved reading about the rest of your trip. I bet it was a little harder to get back in the swing of school this week. Thankfully Christmas break is right around the corner. 🙂

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