Happy Birthday, Liz

Dear Elizabeth,

It seems just like yesterday that I was sitting at my computer typing your 10th birthday letter to you.  You were so excited to be double digits. Now, I am typing out your 13th birthday letter.

Today, you are 13!  An official teenager.

I can’t believe it!!

This has been the fastest 13 years of my life.  You are my first-born.  The one who made me mommy.

The one who at 1 year old loved to sing and dance and be silly all the time right before bed time.

The one who at 3 years old LOVED to play mommy and pretended to be Emily’s mommy.  You always had a real-life baby doll with your little sister.

The one at 5 years old that broke you arm and made my heart sink!  You were the most cautious kid ever and out of all the rowdy cousins, you were the one that had the first broken bone??

The one at 8 years old that had all your teachers bragging about how kind you are to others and helpful in the classroom.

The one at 10 years old that fell in love with volleyball and cheer.  To this day you love both sports and work hard at both.

The one at 11 years old that had your world turned upside down with a Type 1 Diabetes diagnosis.  You haven’t let it stop you yet and I know you won’t anytime soon!  You are so strong and brave and a true warrior.

I am not a perfect mom and have made many mistakes with you.  I’m too tough on you, I like everything “perfect” in your words, and I am starting to embarrass you just for breathing.

But know you will never wonder if your mom will be there for you.  I will always be in your corner and love you unconditionally!  I will show up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

It’s hard to not think of the future and realize in 5 years you will be an adult.

These next 5 years are going to be some of the best years of your life and some of the worst years of your life.

You will learn to drive, enter high school, get a job, make lots of new friends, possibly fall in love.

Look for the positive in everything.  Accept change.  Sometimes life isn’t always going to be easy, but keep persevering!

Always be nice to Emily.  She looks up to you more than you know.  I know right now she’s annoying and loud and not as cool as you because she’s not a teenager.  But I promise, one day she will be your best friend.  Always keep that bond close.

Happy birthday my sweet, strong girl!

I wish you the best year yet and I’m so proud to be your mom!

Welcome to your teens!



3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Liz

  1. Aw, so sweet! I can’t believe my YOUNGEST is going to be a teenager on his next birthday… time just flies right by when you’re adult.

  2. She’s just so gorgeous, and that heart is pure gold! Happy birthday to your girl, and even though today is all about Liz, I want to celebrate you too, mama!! Hope you both have such a wonderful day!

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