Tuesday Talk

Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday, friends!

The flu has officially hit our household.  Emily Grace complained of a sore throat and had a small fever off and on yesterday, so I took her to the clinic late last night thinking it was strep.

She ended up testing positive for Flu A.  Ugh!  Hopefully we caught it early and her symptoms seem to be mild.  I just pray no one else gets it!

Today it’s time for Tuesday Talk with Ashley and Erika.

I wanted to talk about this verse that has been sticking out to me lately:

James 1:22 says, “But don’t just listen to God’s word. You must do what it says. Otherwise, you are only fooling yourselves.”

I guess God has really been convicting me about this.  I feel like I could be doing MORE for Him.  I get so caught up in worrying about my family, my job, etc., that I forget there is a hurting world out there.

How easy it is to sit in church on Sunday and listen to the Word of God. Take it in. Pray about it. Reflect on it. But then we go back out into our everyday life and don’t act on it.

What a shame!  If we really listened to God’s word, we not only transform our own lives, but we begin to transform the world around us by acting on the Word.

What are some PRACTICAL ways we can be “doers” of the Word?


So far I have came up with only a few things:

  • Fill old purses up with personal hygiene items and food/water and give to homeless women we see around town.
  • Volunteer to deliver meals to the elderly through the Meals on Wheels program.
  • Bake a cake for the lady next door.
  • Take cards to the sick that are in the nursing home where my dad was.
  • Take a widow lunch or a nice treat.
  • Share Jesus with my lost friends more!  (This is another post for another day, but a great way to be a “doer)

What are some other ways to help spread the love of God to others?  I would love to hear from you!

Lord, I ask You to help me think of new ways to do the Word of God. You have all the fresh ideas I’ll ever need, so I am looking to You to show me how to put the Word into practice in my life. You are full of creative power and fresh ideas, so please open my eyes and show me how I can serve, how I can bless someone else, or any other way I can become obedient to do the Word that has been revealed so powerfully to my life.

I hope you have a great Tuesday.  I’m so thankful for this blogging community!


16 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk

  1. First of all, I hope your daughter is feeling better soon! The Flu is not fun at all! Secondly, I couldn’t agree more with your post. As Christians, I think we feel like we need to do more, but we let life simply get in the way. I’ve asked God to increase my circle so that I can come in contact with people that need Jesus and to open my eyes to the needs of others. Hope you’re having a great start to your week (minus the Flu, of course!).

  2. So so sorry about the flu, darn it! Hope everyone is healthy soon! I try to do what I can and love helping others, you came up with some super sweet ideas!

  3. Sorry to hear about the flu! I thought that’s what Gabbie had last week but they didn’t diagnose her with anything. We do Meals on Wheels here! Great ideas.

  4. Boo the flu!! I’m terrified of it, I swear. Hopefully her symptoms are mild, and it doesn’t spread. I love the whole book of James. We actually spent the Fall studying it in our small group, and it is just full of great truths. I love your thoughts on being a doer, not just a hearer. Happy Tuesday, friend!

  5. I am so sorry the flu hit your house. BOO! I love this post. I have been in James for a little bit now and isn’t that book just one of the best? It convicts me all the time, especially with my mouth and the things I say and how I say them. Our sermon at church this week was called “Let’s Go!” and it was all about how we are to act differently and let people see the salt and the light and start questioning it. I loved your thoughts and ideas for doing! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I hope everyone else stays healthy. We had all three boys and my husband down with the flu last February and it was no fun.

  7. I hope Emily is feeling better soon! This post really resonates with me. I feel like I get wrapped up in my little “bubble” – my routine, my home, and my own family. The prayer at the end is a great way to ask the Lord for guidance in finding others to help. Thanks for sharing.

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