Friday Favorites

Friday Faves

Happy Friday!

This has been a lllllooooonnng week! It was the first full week since Christmas break, but we survived!  I am ready for the weekend.

Sharing my favorites from the week with you and linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci.


Thanks to everyone who linked up with me yesterday for my first 10 on the 10th! You all made my heart happy and I loved reading about you!


Emily’s note she left me on my pillow was a favorite from this week.  This is after she was grounded for having a bad attitude towards me.  I think she felt bad and was bored without her electronics, so she made this nice note for me.


Volleyball has officially started!  I’m SO excited!  We had our first open gyms this week and a great turnout!  I can’t wait for try-outs and to get the team finalized.


I mentioned it earlier but Chris and I are doing a Daniel Fast to start the year off.  I have been HUNGRY this week, but I am already noticing that I feel better and have more energy.  Fruits and veggies have never tasted so good to me!


THIS SONG!!!! GO AND LISTEN NOW!  You will be blessed!  Oh, my it’s soooo good!

Happy Friday to you all!


11 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. Aw, what a sweet, sweet card… boys don’t seem to do those sort of things (at least not my boys).

  2. I just looked up Daniel Fast and the first thing that popped up is that Chris Pratt is following it right now. Hope you have a good weekend!

  3. Could you maybe give us a background on the Daniel Diet and why you’ve decided to do this? Are the girls participating too? I’m not a huge fan of diets especially when they aren’t necessarily “needed”.

    1. It’s a Biblical fast. It’s something we want to start to do at the beginning of the year. For 21 days we eat fruits and veggies and nothing else. This is to get our mind focused on what’s important in life and a prayer fast also. No, the girls aren’t participating. They are continuing to eat all the good stuff in front of us. LOL

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