Classroom Reveal 2018-2019

Good morning, friends! I survived my first day of school yesterday and had a great day.

I loved seeing all my co-workers and talking with adults besides Chris! HA

Today, I want to show you some pictures of my new classroom. I’m so happy with how it turned out.

Here is the before picture:

Here is a picture during:

And here is the finished product:


The lighting was kind of bad the day I took pictures, but it is so bright and cheery in my room. The school painted the walls a nice gray color and I did a simple black with ALL the colors theme.

This is looking to the right of my classroom when you first walk in.

All of my math manipulatives are organized and labeled. This classroom didn’t have any storage with doors or cabinets, so everything is visible and out in the open. A little challenging to hide all my “junk”, but I made it work.

I love my bulletin board about kindness and my objective/agenda board for each class I teach.

My back bookshelves have all my tubs labeled and organized with supplies I need easy access to throughout the school year. My Monday-Friday cart is an absolute favorite of mine to keep all my copies organized!

My back wall has another awesome bulletin board on it. A local sign shop made the poster for me and I love the way it turned out. I showed them a picture of what I wanted and they turned it into a giant poster for me.

My desk area is simple and sweet. My Nini made my curtains for me and add just the right pop of color to the windows!

The bookshelf behind my desk is so special to me. The girls have their handprints on it from when they were 2 and 3 years old. Precious!

The other side of the room has a huge whiteboard going across it.

I have my stations set up on it where the kids look for their class number and know where to start for stations.

Another bookshelf to hold supplies and some sentimental things.

This area is right when you walk in, on the left. This is where kids turn in papers, keep their folders, and houses my candy!

One last look of the back of my room. I still have colorful lanterns to hang from the ceiling, and get a new clock for above my back bulletin board.

Do you have a favorite classroom you remember?

I try to make my classroom cheery and “homey” all at the same time. I want my students to love my space and feel comfortable when they are in there.

Hope you have a great Tuesday!


11 thoughts on “Classroom Reveal 2018-2019

  1. I absolutely love it! It looks SO good!! Growing up I remember classrooms being so boring and just white with nothing in them. I love how a lot of teachers now are making their rooms have a more “home” feel. Great job with it!!

  2. I loved organizing and prepping my classroom for the coming year 🙂 I love the bright colors! I used to have a M-F cart just like you and it made me so happy!

  3. Jen, your room looks amazing! This is my favorite post ever! I LOVE looking at other people’s classrooms! I love everything about your room. I also love all of your fun bulletin boards. I would love to take a math class in your room. I love all the colors! Have a great school year! #teachernerdsunite!

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