Florida Vacation Days 7-9

Happy Tuesday! Hope y’all had a great weekend.

This rainy weather here has really been putting a damper on our Adventure Tuesdays lately. Hopefully we can make it somewhere today!

I wanted to share the last recap of our Florida vacation with you today. Hope you enjoy!

Day 7

Thursday morning Chris and I started the day on the balcony. There were many days we were able to see dolphins from the balcony, and we liked to watch all the surfers and kayaks also.

We made it to the beach that morning until around noon. Liz’s sugar was dropping pretty fast and she was starving, so her and Chris left and went to Whataburger together.

Emily and I weren’t that hungry yet so we stayed on the beach. We heard the lifeguards blowing the whistles telling everyone to get out of the water because a storm was coming.

We thought we still had plenty of time to stay on the beach because the sky was blue and clear!

It wasn’t two minutes later, it started POURING the rain! We had to load the wagon up and undo our canopy quickly and make it back up to the condo!

It took forever since everyone was trying to get on the elevators, but we finally made it back to our condo and watched the storm together on the balcony. We were a little soaked.

We got ready and left for Destin later that afternoon.

We went down to HarborWalk village in Destin and ate at Margaritaville. It was delicious!

We fed the fish, watched the boats come in, shopped, and had a great evening! (And yes, I am rocking a fanny pack)

We came back to Navarre and went crab hunting, of course!

Day 8

Friday morning was our last full day on the beach, so we were there every chance we got! We had to go down in between some rain showers, which seemed to be the norm for the week.

That afternoon after lunch we were able to go down for the longest time of the week. It was the perfect beach day!

For supper that evening we went to the fishing pier at Navarre and ate at a local restaurant there. We were able to see the ocean from our seats and it had great food! We love supporting local restaurants while on vacation.

We went back down to the beach and walked along the shore that evening together. Probably another one of my favorite things to do together!

Lastly, we hit up Tommy’s SnoBalls, went crab hunting and then stayed up WAY too late on the balcony talking about our trip!

Day 9

Saturday it was time to bead back to MO! We had to be out of our condo by 11:00 a.m. After we got everything loaded up, we went down to the beach one more time to take the view in. We also took some selfies from the balcony.We were sad to leave, but thankful for the memories! We drove all the way back home on Saturday and after 11 hours in the car, we were glad to see our home!

Check out my YouTube video below. I am trying to get better every time I make one!

Hope you enjoyed our Florida recaps. I hope if you are able to go on a trip with your family, you do it every chance you get! I know vacations are priceless memories I will cherish forever.


8 thoughts on “Florida Vacation Days 7-9

  1. So So fun!! I am glad you all had such an amazing vacation! And your video is awesome!!!

  2. Did you do a recap on the Navarre Beach condo you stayed in? I know for me when I am planning trips it is ALWAYS so nice to have personal recommendations on places to stay. Essentially, would you stay there again? Did you guys eat in the condo quite a bit or did you eat out more often? I know when we go to my parents condo in Steamboat, Co my favorite thing is that we have kitchen access while still being in a new place and can enjoy those activities without spending tons on junk food. 🙂

    1. I had all intentions of doing a quick video tour of our condo, and then the girls loaded their stuff in the condo and it was quickly messy, so I never messed with it! We stayed on the 18th floor at Beach Colony East Resort in Navarre. We have stayed there for the past three years and LOVE it! We eat two meals in the condo every day and usually only eat one meal out a day, typically dinner but sometimes lunch.

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