Florida Vacation Days 1-3

Happy Monday, friends!  We are back in MO after a few days away to Florida!

We had a wonderful time away and I can’t wait to share it with you.  I use this blog as a “diary” of our day to day life as a family and will love looking back when the girls are older on each post.  I am thankful you take the time to keep up with our family, also!

I am breaking up our vacation into different posts so they won’t be too terribly long.  I took A LOT of pictures!

Here is a recap of Days 1-3:

Day 1

Friday morning we left Dexter around 9:00 a.m. We weren’t in a big hurry and so we let the girls sleep in a little.  They were so excited and were ready to go the minute they woke up!

The first day we only drove about 7 hours down to Prattville, Alabama.  This is usually how we make our trips to Florida.  It is so much easier to drive it in two days instead of just one!

While we were at Prattville we ate at Mellow Mushroom pizza.  It is EXCELLENT if you’ve never eaten at one.  The girls each had their own pizza and Chris and I shared the Funky BBQ pizza!  Yummy!

We went back to our hotel room that night to watch the Cavs lose to the Warriors.  I was sad for LeBron, but the Warriors are such a tough team to beat! Since they lost so bad, I read my book and everyone else played FortNite.

Day 2

We left our hotel in Alabama around 8:30 that morning and headed to Florida!  Traffic wasn’t bad at all and we got down there around noon, so we ate at Culver’s and then went to our condo.  We stayed on the 18th floor this year of Beach Colony Resort and had an amazing view!

As soon as we put our things in the condo, we headed to the BEACH!  I’m so thankful my girls love the ocean as much as I do.

We had a great time on the beach together enjoying the evening.  It was perfect!

We then went to our favorite place in Navarre, Tommy’s Sno Balls!  We go almost every night while on vacation and try to get a new flavor each time!

The last thing for the day was to go crab hunting.  This has to be one of my favorite memories of all of our beach vacations with the girls.  There is nothing like digging in a crab hole to get a giant crab crawling out of it and hearing the girls scream all over the beach trying to catch it!  Great memories, for sure!

Day 3

Sunday we woke up to some stormy weather, but it wasn’t raining yet so we hit the beach as soon as we had breakfast.

On our way down to the beach that morning we saw another crab!  This was really odd since they are nocturnal, but I scooped him up and returned him safely to the sand dunes.  It was funny to see one during the day, though!

The girls love to boogie board and look for seashells.  I love to read my books and watch them play.

It started raining on us around lunch time so we headed back up to the condo to rest for a while.

As soon as the weather cleared back up, we went back down to the beach. I failed to take a lot of pictures when we went back down, but it was another successful beach day.

Our night was completed with Tommy’s SnoBalls and crab hunting.

I am trying something new with the videos and pictures I take on trips and making an iMovie out of them.  This is VERY amateur level and I have a lot to learn, but if you have time, check it out below.

It has more videos and pictures than what I posted here on the blog.  I am trying to up my YouTube game and am hoping my Computer Science teaching husband will help me get a little better with my iMovies.

I’ll be back later this week with a few more days from our vacation.  It will include the girls getting to swim with the dolphins, which was a highlight of the trip!

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!


7 thoughts on “Florida Vacation Days 1-3

  1. I love this! I am SO glad you guys had a great vacation! That view from your room! Sooo sooo beautiful! And your youtube video is great! Did you just use your phone for it?

    1. Yep, just my iPhone and put it together. I have to get better at transitioning my songs and the ending was very abrupt. I want to take more videos of my girls for memories and I love how easy it was to put together.

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