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June Monthly Goals

Happy Wednesday friends!

Thank you for all the love and sweet messages from this weekend with dad’s one year passing anniversary. I felt so loved throughout the whole weekend.

Today is my sweet hubby’s 35th birthday! He’s the best and everything I always prayed for.

Also, today would’ve been my mom and dad’s 37th wedding anniversary, so remember my mom in your prayers. I know it will be a hard day for her.

Today I am sharing my monthly goals with you. I love setting goals each month and looking back on everything I accomplish!

Here is a recap of my May goals:

  • Run/walk 2 miles 5 days a week– Chris and I walked consistently 4 nights each week.  Wasn’t the 5 nights that I wanted, but I will take the 4 nights!
  • Lose 10 pounds- Didn’t happen…. I lost 5, then gained 3 back!  I like my M & M McFlurry’s too much in the summer time!
  • Go to the river with just Chris and I- Didn’t happen either.  I haven’t been away from the girls since May 18, but that’s how I prefer it.  We hope to get away for a day just us two very soon!
  • Have Liz’s volleyball team over for a sleepover– Done!  I had them over the first weekend in May after a volleyball tournament and they had a great time!  They are a great group of girls!
  • Find a cute basket for my bookshelf downstairs and/or other decor- I partially completed this goal.  I didn’t find a cute basket, but I did start to decorate the bookshelf.  It was completely empty until recently.  I found a few cute picture frames, the old school bell is from Chris’s grandma, and the old car was my Grumpy’s (grandpa’s) from his collection.  I still want to find a cute basket and other things to complete the bookshelf.
  • Follow along with Shay and Erika’s photo a day in May IG Challenge– I did a pretty good job keeping up with this challenge.  Follow me on IG @jennifermbolin
  • Read and study the book of Ruth in the Bible- I started reading through the first chapter of Ruth, but haven’t finished this study all the way.  I want to keep digging into this book of the Bible more.
  • Celebrate Emily turning 10!!!– We celebrated this girl BIG!  She had a sleepover, had her cousins over, and got a new puppy, Max!  Can’t believe my baby is 10!
  • Write a nice note of encouragement to a friend– Wasn’t the handwritten note that I wanted, but did send a few e-mails to some friends encouraging them.
  • Move classrooms– I did move everything to my new classroom!  I had a lot of students help me the last week of school!  (child labor)  Here is the current state of my room, though:
  • Open the pool– We had a very easy time opening our pool this year!  We have swam every day so far this year and love it!

Now, onto my June goals:

  • Enjoy our Florida vacation- We leave in 2 days!  EEEEKK!
  • Order Liz the new Dexcom G6- We can’t wait for this upgrade because it means no more finger sticks!
  • Get all of Max’s shots up to date and schedule him to get neutered
  • Get pacing guide done for next school year- I am teaching a new class next year (Algebra 1), so I want to make sure I have all my pacing guides in place for the next school year
  • Paint classroom
  • Get bulletin boards done in classroom
  • Celebrate 14 years of marriage!!
  • Read at least 5 books- I am on a great pace! Just finished my third book the other night.
  • Take nephews to Cape Splash

June is a very busy month for us, so I hope I can get all of these goals accomplished!

Have a great Wednesday!  If you need me, we will be at the river all day!


7 thoughts on “June Monthly Goals

  1. Great list of goals! I love getting into my classroom during the summer and working slowly to get my room ready for the next year. I moved into my current classroom two years ago and I am going to tackle the storage areas where there are at least 40+ years of junk in there! AHHHH! What a fun list of things to and goals to look forward to!

  2. Whoop! I loved keeping up with your photo a day in May! Also, where in Florida are y’all heading?! We are dying to go to Destin because everyone swears by it, but we may just stick with our new fave, HHI!! Have the best June ever, Bolin Bunch! 😉😊

  3. You’ve been in my prayers! And I will keep your mom in them too.
    You did well with all your goals! And YAY for a vacation! I seriously hope you guys have the BEST time ever!!! You deserve it!!

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