Double Digits

Today our Emily Grace turns 10!

A whole decade!

She is our wild child and brings laughter to wherever she goes.


She is like the energizer bunny and NEVER stops! She has so much spunk for life and I love her personality.

She never meets a stranger and will talk with anyone.

This past year was a great year for Emily. She did well in 4th grade and loved her classes.

She has started taking piano and voice lessons and has amazing talent with this. I beam with pride every time I hear her sing.

She continues to love volleyball and basketball and will hopefully play on a travel team for both sports during the next school year.

She is still a runt for her age, but I did look back at my report card from the end of 4th grade and I was the exact same height at Emily’s age as she is now. So there is hope she’ll grow tall like her momma!

Emily got braces and it has already changed her looks so much. We had to get an expander before braces because of how crowded her teeth were. That was a little painful process, but Emily did great with it! She goes this week to change her bands on her braces and has already picked out all the colors she wants.

I pray Emily Grace will always keep her happy, care free attitude. She loves big and truly brings the good out in everyone around her.

Emily’s Birthday Interview:

 What is your favorite color? Teal

 What is your favorite TV show?  KC Undercover

 What is your favorite thing to eat for supper?  Chicken Nuggets

 What’s your favorite board game? The Game of Life

 What’s your favorite snack? Ice Cream Sandwich

 What’s your favorite animal? Dog

 What’s your favorite song?  Count On Me by Bruno Mars

 What’s your favorite book?  Wonder

 What’s your favorite cereal?  Fruit Loops

 Who’s your best friend?  Blair

 What’s your favorite thing to do outside?  Swim and play with my friends

 What’s your favorite thing to drink? Coke

 What’s your favorite holiday? Christmas

What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Vet 

We are off for a special surprise today to celebrate the birthday girl! Watch my IG stories for updates!


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