Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hi, friends! Hope your weekend was great. Only 3 more weeks left of school! It’s getting harder and harder to stick to a strict bed time and think about school work, so we are ready for summer!

This weekend gave me all the feels and I’m excited to share it with you! I’m linking up with Johannah, Heather, and Lindsay.

Friday night Liz played her two volleyball games at Cape. Our team played EXCELLENT! We played two really tough Pursuit teams and beat them both! In one set we were losing by 10 points and Liz came up and served to give us a 4 point lead. I was a proud mom! (bragging moment; sorry, not sorry)

Saturday morning the girls and I were up at 5:00 and on the road by 5:30 to meet my mom and nephews to travel to Springfield. Chris had a baseball tournament all day and my sister and brother in-law were on a cruise for their 15th wedding anniversary, so it was just my mom and me with the kiddos. We headed to Liz and Zach’s first JDRF One-Walk.

We made it up there around 9:30 a.m. and the walk started at 10:00 a.m. It was such a beautiful day. We couldn’t have asked for better weather.

Our team, Cousins for a Cure, raised a total of $1,503! I am so thankful for the support we have been shown to raise money for diabetes awareness!

I had so many emotions at the walk. Some bitterness that this is our life now, but at the same time, thankfulness that this is our life now. I know that doesn’t make sense and it’s hard to explain unless you live with diabetes, but it’s just how I felt. If diabetes has taught me anything it’s to slow down and enjoy each moment with loved ones. Also, it has shown me how strong these kids are!

There were so many people at the walk and it was great to see different Type 1s and their support systems. We have big plans on what to do for our next walk to make our team bigger and better. We hope there is a cure soon and are thankful we can do a small part in helping make this happen.

After walking 3 miles, we were starving! We headed to Incredible Pizza to let the kids play and eat. They had a blast! It was nice to just sit and watch them while they played. I’m not sure how they had so much energy!

The afternoon ended with Andy’s ice cream. It was a great day!

We made it back home around 6:00 that evening and we were worn out! Liz slept the whole way home and had enough energy to go to a sleepover she had been invited to.

Emily was in her pjs and in bed by 7:00! (My kind of girl)

Right when we were fixing to lay down for the night we were ding ding ditched by this mean looking group! Such fun memories for Liz and friends!

Sunday was another beautiful day! We picked Liz up from her sleepover, and then Chris’s parents came and got the girls from us to take them shopping and back to their house.

Chris went golfing with a friend and I had the whole house to myself to clean and do laundry. It was glorious!

I then headed to Cape to pick the girls and Chris up. I did a little shopping by myself beforehand and found some good deals.

The girls had a great afternoon/evening with Nana and Papa.

We all went out to eat at Buffalo Wild Wings for supper and then headed back home.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday. I pray you have a blessed week!


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  1. I love that you guys did the JDRF walk! We still haven’t done one yet, but I should start looking for them in our area. You have inspired me!

    1. Yes, it was a wonderful event. Made me thankful for people that want to find a cure for this horrible disease! We are going to another one in October and can’t wait!

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