Weekend Recap

It’s Monday!  With the time change, we are all dragging this morning at our house.  This colder weather really makes me want to stay in bed all day under the warm blankets!

This weekend was a great mix of fun and relaxing! Today, I am linking up with Johannah and Heather to share our weekend with you all.

Friday night right after school I went home and got ready for a girls night out!  I went and got gas at Rhodes and when I was on my way to pick my girlfriends up, my car went CRAZY on me!  It started beeping, the thermometer gauge went all the way up, and the engine went into idle mode while I was driving!  It flashed across the screen that the engine was overheated so it reduced the power for everything.  It would only let me go about 15 mph.  I pulled over into the closest parking lot that I could find and called Chris freaking out! Since I wasn’t having any trouble previously, the engine wasn’t smoking, and nothing felt hot, we are hoping it is just a computer sensor issue or something small.

Chris calmed me down and then I called my girlfriend, Shelby, and asked her if she could drive for the evening.  She came and picked me up and then we got Cassie and headed to Cape.

We ate at Texas Roadhouse and then went to our class at Board and Brush.  Board and Brush is a creative studio where you can go and make your own sign.  There are TONS of options to choose from and you do EVERYTHING!  You sand the wood, stain in, put the sign together, and then paint your sign.

It was such a wonderful place for a girls’ night out!  The atmosphere was fun and exciting, plus you leave with your very own sign that you make.  I wish I would’ve done a different design and something I could keep up all year long, but I told Chris I just need to go back soon to make something that’s not Christmas.  LOL

For more information about this cool place, check out their website here.

Cassie, Shelby, and I had a great night together.  There were some other girls there from Dexter, so that was an added bonus that we knew pretty much everybody in the class with us.  I will definitely be going back soon to make another sign!


Saturday morning the girls and I were LAZY!  Like embarrassingly lazy!  Chris went to work at Teen Challenge that day and then hunted that evening.  Since my car was not drive-able, the girls and I were stuck at home for the day.  BUT, it was wonderful!  We slept in, worked on our puzzle we’ve been trying to finish for a few weeks, watched Hallmark movies, and took a nap.  It was a much needed day of rest and relaxing.  {I only took 1 picture that whole day!}


Sunday was church and then I went and got groceries for the week.  I followed that with grading papers and catching up on the laundry.  Chris and I fought over the computer to get our college homework done (he is getting his specialist degree), so we took turns getting our homework finished.


That evening his parents came down and we went to eat at Huddle House together.  Chris’s mom is doing really well and getting stronger every day since her first surgery.  She goes down to MD Anderson in Houston on November 28, so we will know more information then.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers every day.

Sunday evening was for watching football, and getting things ready for the upcoming week.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!



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