Emily’s 9th Birthday Party

Yesterday we had Emily’s 9th birthday party with her friends.  I always let my girls plan their own birthday parties and this year Emily kept it VERY simple!  #hallelujah

For her 9th birthday, Emily wanted to have a swimming party and cupcakes.  You can’t get any easier than that.

I ordered a cupcake cake from Wal-Mart, got some napkins and drinks, vacuumed the pool and was all ready for her party!

12 of Emily’s girlfriends came over and celebrated her day with her.  They squealed, danced, sang, laughed, had cannonball contests, and just had a great time being kids and swimming.




Thank you to everyone that came and helped celebrate Emily turning 9!  She has some of the best group of friends and this momma is so thankful for that.





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