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Hello Friday!  I’m so glad you are here!  This week has been brutal with MAP testing at school and a simple remodel in the downstairs bathroom that turned into a COMPLETE gut job.  I’m ready for the weekend just so I can slow down a little bit and focus on what needs to be done. However, in the middle of my little mess I never want to forget how big I’m blessed!

Today I am linking up with Andrea, Erika, and Narci and sharing with you a few of my Friday Faves.



I shared with you on Monday that my hometown of Doniphan, MO had a historical flood.  Current River flooded and finally crested at 33′.  The previous record was 26.8′ in 1904.  There were SO many homes, businesses, churches, and cabins that were damaged and/or lost with this flood and I realize this is a devastating thing.  However, my first Friday favorite this week is how I have seen the community of Doniphan come together and help each other out.  There have been multiple relief efforts and zones set up to provide hot meals and clothes for those that lost everything with the flooding.  Teenagers and adults alike have pitched in and helped with some of the clean up that can begin.  Hospitals and nurses have went door to door checking on people without water or electricity to make sure they were okay.  The list goes on and on.  Although there is so much loss and it is heartbreaking, I am proud to see how the little town of Doniphan is handling this situation.

It will take months to rebuild and restore, but I know Doniphan will overcome this horrible flood.  I borrowed a few pics that my family shared on FB {not sure who to give photo credits to}.  This just gives you an idea of how big the damage really was.  Please continue to keep everyone affected by this flood in your prayers.  IMG_0527IMG_0526 (1)IMG_0525 (1)IMG_0524 (1)IMG_0523



My second favorite thing this week is Kenny Chesney’s new song, Rich and Miserable.  Watch the full length video here.  This song really spoke to me and there is so much truth to it.  I am guilty sometimes of always wanting “more” and in his song he talks about too much never being too much.  We all want to climb the ladder, but the ladder keeps growing and we are never satisfied.  Lord, help me to always be content with what I have been richly blessed with!




I have been trying to eat better lately and replacing a lot of my “unhealthy” snacks with fruits and vegetables.  BUT the other night I had to run to Wal-Mart and I saw these new candy bars and on a whim picked one up ~ it was a very bad stressed out teacher/mom/wife moment.  It was SO good though!  I let my girls each try a piece and they didn’t like it, but I thought it was a good combination of Oreo and milk chocolate.



Emily’s class went on their field trip this week and she had so much fun!  They went to the Conservation Nature Center in Cape Girardeau.  The weather wasn’t the best {rainy and cool} so they didn’t get to do all the hikes, but they made the most of it and had a good time.  Emily’s favorite part was touching the snake and the bus ride!  Emily has had a great group of friends in her class this year.  I can’t believe they will be in 4th grade!

IMG_0512 (1)IMG_0514IMG_0515 (1)



The last thing on my Friday Favorites this week is that Elizabeth actually curled up in my lap and cuddled with me last night!  If you know Elizabeth well, she is NOT my affectionate child.  She never has liked to cuddle and she wants her own personal space.  It’s even a chore to get her to hug you anymore because she’s at that “cool” age.  Last night we were all down in the basement watching TV before bed and she willingly crawled under my blanket with me and laid there for a long time!  She told me all about her day {for the 100th time} and what she was excited about this weekend.  I LOVED that we had that special one on one time and know I won’t get many more of those.

IMG_0531 (1)

Hope you all have a great Friday!  We have our Stoddard County Relay for Life tonight that Elizabeth is performing at and then will be in Doniphan for the weekend helping wherever we can with the flood victims!


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