Weekend Recap

Hello all!  Sorry I missed Friday Favorites this week~  It’s been a little hectic in our household.  I want to first thank everyone for all the prayers and messages concerning my dad.  Your prayers mean so much to me and my family.  We are taking everything a day at a time and will get through this hard time with the Lord’s help.

We finally had a weekend where we could be at home, and it was wonderful!  Just what this family needed.

Friday night Elizabeth went over to a friends house after school and Emily had her friend, Blair, spend the night.  It was SO good to see those two play together again.  They have missed living right next door to each other.

Emily and Blair made slime Friday evening and then played down in the basement the rest of the night after supper.  I heard lots of giggling and dancing from them and that made my heart so happy!

IMG_0449 (1)IMG_0452

While the girls played Chris and I attempted to hang some pictures up in the living room.  We are HORRIBLE at hanging pictures!  You would think two very educated people can figure out how to hang something straight, but I promise we stink at it.  We did successfully hang quite a few pictures up without killing each other so we decided to attempt to hang our curtains also.  We actually did very well hanging them and they look great!  I can’t wait until I can start sharing a few pictures with you of our new house.  Hopefully a few more weeks and everything will be done and in the correct place!


I picked Elizabeth up from Emma’s house around 10:00 and then we all ate popcorn and watched TV before bed.

Saturday morning Chris left to work at Teen Challenge and Emily and Blair were up by 7:00 ready to play.  After Elizabeth woke up I fixed them all breakfast and then started to try to sort through some laundry.

Elizabeth left that morning and headed to St. Louis with her friend, Carly.  Carly’s family had invited her to go and watch The Lion King at Fox Theatre with them.  We have never went to a musical and Elizabeth was so excited!

While they were at St. Louis it was just me and Emily and Blair left at the house.  They played with American Girl dolls all morning.  Then, I took them to Burger King for lunch and let them play for a bit.

IMG_0454 (1)

After Burger King they requested to go to the park to play and I was happy to let them do that because I sat in my car and read while they played.

IMG_0455IMG_0456 (1)

After the park we took Blair home.  Emily cried when we dropped her off because she said she misses our old house so much and being able to play with Blair and Addie anytime she wanted.  It broke my heart, but I reassured her that we could have Blair come over anytime she wanted.

Emily and I came home and cleaned up the house a little and did more laundry.  We then headed to Cape to meet Chris so we could pick out our back splash and carpet for the new house.

We sent Emily with Chris’ mom and dad while we went to Menard’s and picked everything out.  There were SO many choices for back splash, it was so overwhelming!  I have it narrowed down to two choices and think I will go with the mosaic tile rather than the stone.

IMG_0458 (1)IMG_0459 (1)

We got a lot of samples for new carpet and are probably going to go with the one that is the best price.  Since it is a basement I don’t want to put down too nice of carpet in case something would happen and we would have to replace it.

We met up with Carly’s mom and grandma and got Elizabeth from them.  She LOVED The Lion King and told me all about her day.  I was so thankful Carly invited her to go with them.  Such fun memories!

IMG_0464 (1)IMG_0465 (1)IMG_0466

Elizabeth wanted to stay at Chris’ parents house so we let her spend the night with them.  Since we were in separate vehicles, Emily rode home with me.  We drove home from Cape in a horrible storm and what usually would take us 50 minutes to get home ended up taking us about 75 minutes!  It was crazy and I was so thankful when we made it to Dexter safely.

Sunday morning we were LAZY!  It had rained and thunder-stormed all night Saturday night and we didn’t sleep very well at all.  Emily had woken up around 3 in the morning and came into our bed with us.  Since we didn’t sleep well that night, we slept in and were able to sleep until about 9:00.  It was much needed!

Sunday morning we laid around the house and watched TV and then I went and got groceries since I didn’t have a chance to on Saturday.


Chris’ parents came down and brought Elizabeth back to us.  They stayed a while and visited with us.  Chris’ dad had to measure a few things in the girls’ bathroom downstairs to make sure his Teen Challenge crew got the correct supplies to redo their bathroom.

After James and Lequeeta left, Chris headed to Doniphan.  Our hometown is Doniphan, MO where my sister and parents still live.  It is home to the beautiful Current River.  With all of the heavy raining we’ve had, it flooded quickly!  It rose 20 feet in a matter of 24 hours.  It is going to reach a historic level of cresting at 39.5′.  The previous record for how high the water rose was around 26′ in 1904.  With the new prediction it is going to beat that record by about 13 feet!  Such a devastating situation.  My family is all safe and away from the water, but I pray for all of those businesses and homes that will be affected by this!

Chris headed over there to see all the water.  Current River is very special to us and where we spend numerous hours in the summer.  They even had to close the bridge on 160 because water is going to go over the top of it!  It is truly unbelievable.



IMG_0480IMG_0481IMG_0482 (1)

The water still has about 10 feet to rise before it starts to go down, so it will get worse!  Some of these pictures I got off of Facebook, some my mom sent me, and some Chris took.  Doniphan wasn’t the only place that was affected with the flooding.  I know of Eminence, Van Buren, West Plains, and other small towns that were hit hard by all this as well.  Please join me and praying for all the flood victims during this horrible time.

While Chris was over at Doniphan the girls and I finished all the laundry, took showers, ate supper, played with slime, and got ready for the week ahead.

Leaving you with our #selfieSunday!  I pray you have a blessed week!IMG_0487 (1)



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  1. Prayers for a great week ahead for you all. What a great weekend (minus the flooding-how sad and devastating…my prayers will be with this area). Weekends like this are my favorite kind. I love that mosaic back splash. It is so pretty!

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