Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap

Hello, friends!  What a weekend!! It seriously flew by and I have no idea how it’s already Sunday night?!?!?!

Friday I had to run some errands after school and didn’t get home until a little after 4:00.

I first had to go to the bank and get all of our cash out for the month.  Chris and I use Dave Ramsey’s envelope system and don’t use our debit cards at all and pay cash for everything.  Friday was our pay-day so on every pay-day we go and withdrawal all the cash we will need for the month.  It is a great system and works well for us.


After the bank I went and picked up our volleyball uniforms from BA Promotions.  They turned out great and I’m excited to see how sharp the girls look in them.


Next stop was the library.  I had an overdue book that I needed to get back and pay my fine on and then I picked up a few more books.  I haven’t done very well reading lately, but plan to do a lot better in March.

I finally made it back home in time to help Chris put his boat in the garage.  He went over to Doniphan right after school and picked it up from being serviced for the year.  I joke with Chris all the time and tell him he likes his boat way better than me!  He treats it like a baby.  LOL  He was SO glad to have it back in our garage and can’t wait for fishing season.


I knew we would be rushed for time on Friday night, so I had planned spaghetti for supper.  We usually have spaghetti at least once every two weeks because it is so easy and such a good meal!

We ate together as a family and then went our separate ways.  Chris and Emily went and visited with his mom and dad while me and Liz headed to volleyball practice.

When we got at the MS gym for vball practice, there was a mix-up with the gym rental.  I thought I had rented it out and the older volleyball team thought they had it also.  It was just a miscommunication and since we had practiced more, I went ahead and let them have the gym.  Our girls ended up going to a different gym and just doing some agilities and then I passed out their uniforms to them.  I was sad we weren’t able to practice with a net, but it ended up not being a total waste of time.


Friday night we got home about 8:00 and just ended up all piling on the couch together for the rest of the night.  Emily actually fell asleep on me and snored SO loud!  I love that she will still cuddle and fall asleep on me like that, though.



Saturday morning we got up early and headed straight to Doniphan.  Chris went to work at TC, so it was just me and the girls.  My sister and brother in law had their first baby calf on their farm on Wednesday, so the girls were so excited to go over and see it.  We had to go straight to Aunt Julie and Uncle Matt’s house so they could meet Mabel {the calf}.  She was the sweetest thing!  My youngest nephew, Zach, loved showing her off to his cousins.  Even though it was pretty cold, I enjoyed watching the kids have fun on the farm.

We hung out at Matt and Julie’s house for a few hours and my dad and mom were even able to come over!  Dad wanted to get out of the house and they made it over just fine.  I was glad he felt well enough and walked well enough to make it over there.  It was good visiting with them all.


We left Matt and Julie’s and grabbed Subway/McDonald’s and went to Nini’s house to visit with her and eat our lunch.  Emily enjoyed playing with Nini’s cat, Bell, while we were there.  I love my Nini and love getting to see her every chance I get.

The girls slept all the way back home.  It was a glorious, QUIET car ride home!


We got home around 2:30 that afternoon and I cleaned out my fridge and made my weekly grocery list.  As I was looking up recipes and making my grocery list, I kept watch on April the giraffe.  I wish she would go ahead and have her baby already!  I can’t quit watching her because I’m afraid I’m going to miss it.

Saturday evening Liz had been invited to a birthday party over at Sikeston.  It was kind of a touchy subject in our house because Emily WASN’T invited to a birthday party that a bunch of her close friends were bragging about getting to go to, so she was pretty bummed about that.  We didn’t want to rub it in Emily’s face that Liz was going to a party and her to be reminded that she wasn’t invited to one.  Poor Emily is dealing with some self confidence issues right now.  She is such a fun loving kid, but comes across sometimes to her friends as a little immature and too bubbly.  Right now she feels like no one likes her and she doesn’t have any friends.  I am trying to constantly tell her that she’s not going to be best friends with everyone and to remember to just always be kind to everyone.  I also don’t want her to ever lose her silly, fun, playful attitude about life.  She is such a neat kid.  I wish I could shield her from every hurt feeling and from things like not getting invited to a birthday party when almost everyone else in your class is talking about going to it.  But that’s life and she has to learn to deal with it.

I ended up being the one to drive Liz over to Sikeston for her party.  Chris took Emily around town and they hung out together.  They went to Orscheln’s and looked at all the baby rabbits and then went out to eat Chinese together.

I dropped Liz off at her party and then sat in the parking lot and graded math tests for 2 hours.  I was only able to get 3 out of my 6 classes’ tests graded, but I was happy with that!


We made it back to Dexter just fine and I made both girls take their showers and get ready for bed.  Both girls had requested that their hair be curly for church, so I braided their hair after their showers.  I like to do smaller braids all over their head so their hair is really “crimpy” looking.  It took me a LONG time, but I enjoy doing it.  Kind of my one on one time to talk with the girls while I am braiding their hair.


After the girls were in bed for the night I went to Wal-Mart and got groceries.


I stayed up really late on Saturday night after putting the groceries away and made Chris a cake he has been asking for.  His favorite cake is a Heath Bar cake and it had been a while since I made one.  While I was making his cake, I caught up on all the girls laundry from the week.


It was well after midnight before I went to bed, but Chris is worth it!

Sunday morning I woke up really early to make a big breakfast for the family before church.  Well, Emily heard me in the kitchen and started hollering my name to come into her bedroom.  This was very unusual, so I went in there and her eye was matted shut!  I knew it looked a little red on Saturday night, but I just blamed it on her being extra tired.

I helped her get all the goop out of her eye, took a picture and sent it to her doctor, and he said that it was most likely pink eye with how red it was around the eye as well.  He called us in eye drops to begin using immediately.


Since Emily was contagious, we obviously decided to skip out on church.  That made us have a pretty lazy morning together.  I still made our big breakfast of bacon, eggs, pancakes, and biscuits.


I also took advantage of the extra time I had and finished grading all my papers.


Emily got some extra snuggles from both me and Chris because of her eye.  She felt fine, just said it itched a little bit and wanted to keep rubbing at it.


After lunch the girls wanted to make slime, so I obliged and let them do it.  They made it all by themselves and made a MESS in my kitchen, but loved every minute of it.


I felt like the only thing I did this afternoon was laundry.  It took me almost all afternoon to get it all caught up.  I did change out all the bed sheets though and got those all washed, so it was nice to get that done.

I did put all my grades in the gradebook from last week.  I laugh at the people that say teachers work from 8:00-3:00 {yeah right}!


I cooked supper and cleaned up the kitchen, and then it was time for me and Liz to head to volleyball practice.  We had a great practice and I can’t wait to watch these girls play this week.  We have our first game on Thursday against Woodland!  I’m nervous and scared for them and just hope they play well!


Leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!


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