Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap- One Day Late

Happy Monday evening!  This weekend has kicked my booty, so I’m bringing you my weekend recap one day late.  I have forgotten how much attention a 2 year old needs, but I’m loving every minute of it!  J has been such a joy to have in our care.

Friday after school I had to run a lot of errands.  I only had Emily with me and we had a good afternoon together, even though the picture below doesn’t look like it.  We paid the water bill, went and picked up a book from the library, picked J up from daycare, and got an afternoon snack.

As soon as I got home, I switched out girls and took Elizabeth to pick out a gift for her friend’s birthday party.  We shopped downtown Dexter and Liz picked out a cute mini S’well bottle for Kate.  We then went to the new Dollar Tree and got a card and bag for it.


We finally arrived home around supper time and ate a nice meal together.  After cleaning up the kitchen, Liz had a Valentine’s Day party at her cheer gym that I had to take her to.  While she was at the party, Emily and J played and played at the house and Chris helped me air up my new volleyballs for our traveling team.

Saturday morning started bright and early.  We were all up by 7:00, but laid around in the bed and watched cartoons together.  Liz had a birthday party that morning from 10:00-12:00 so before we left for that we cleaned up the house a little bit and I did a few loads of laundry.


While Liz was at her birthday party, Emily and I took J to the library.  Emily wanted to get a few new AR books and our library has a neat area for kids so I wanted J to check it out.  There was a train table there and since he likes Thomas the Train, he played and played and played.  He laughed while playing with the trains and then would go and find a book to look at also.  It was sweet to watch him in that setting.



Lunch was Burger King because I don’t cook on Saturdays.  I wanted something quick because I knew I would want J to go down for a nap and didn’t want to take a lot of time with lunch.


Saturday afternoon while J was napping, I was able to get my house totally cleaned and laundry done.  I felt like I ran a marathon working so fast, but was able to get it all accomplished.  When Chris got home Saturday afternoon, we were pretty lazy and enjoyed the evening at home.  The kids all played together and I continued messing around the house and making my grocery list out for the week.

Didn’t get a whole lot of other pictures from the day, but we had a great Saturday!  J and I went and got groceries and Chris and the girls went and visited with his parents for a while.

Sunday was SUCH a beautiful day outside!  We ended up not going to church because of not wanting to take J into a new environment once again, knowing he would be leaving us sometime in the upcoming week.

I got my house ready for our annual Super Bowl party and made my famous meatballs and sausage dip.  Liz had went down to a friend’s house to jump on her trampoline and then up to the gym to practice volleyball and Emily and I were able to squeeze in a bike ride while J was napping.

My family arrived early afternoon on Sunday ready to eat and watch the Super Bowl.  We always enjoy having my family over and look forward to spending time together.  Since it was such a nice day outside, the kids played outside and went fishing in our lake.  My cousins, Kai and Madi, are older and are so good at playing with their younger cousins.


We had TONS of food to eat and I think I may have tried one of everything.  It was all SO good!  We also celebrated my sweet Aunt Manu’s birthday that was on February 2 with yummy cake and ice cream.

This is just one side of my kitchen!  There was more on the other side.


We then told our predictions for what we thought the final score of the game would be and who would win.

Me and my Uncle Scott tied with only missing it by a few points!

We enjoyed our evening together watching the game and half time show.  I was impressed with Lady Gaga’s performance and was so happy the Patriots ended up winning~ I love Tom Brady!  It was one of the best Super Bowls I ever remember watching.

It was a LATE evening getting to bed on Sunday night and we have all been dragging today.  I wouldn’t trade the family time and busyness for anything, though.

As always, I’m leaving you with our #selfieSunday.  I pray you have a blessed week!


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