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Happy Friday!  I am so glad that I survived this week~ it has been a hectic one!  I am linking up with Narci, Andrea, and Erika and sharing a few of my favorite things with you on this Friday!


Reba McEntire Sing It Now Songs of Faith and Hope album cover

Reba McEntire’s new album, Sing it Now, releases today.  I am a HUGE Reba fan and am in love with this album.  She sings old hymnals that are absolutely beautiful!  “Softly and Tenderly” and “Jesus Loves Me” are my favorite songs besides her brand new one, “Back to God” that I wrote about here.



I’m loving life with a little boy.  We got a call for him on Monday and he’s been a joy ever since.  We aren’t sure how long we will have him, because there might be a family member stepping up to take him, but we are going to love him every second he is in our care.  Boys are SO different than girls, but so fun!  His little laugh and smile will brighten up your day instantly.



This week my girls had Reading Week at their school and they were able to dress up every day.  Thursday was “Camo Day” and we were able to totally rock out some camouflage.  We are originally from Doniphan, MO where every day at school was “Camo Day”! HA  I’m thankful my girls are well rounded and that they have a daddy that loves the outdoors and gets them interested in it with him.


This week I am loving all of the kindness Chris and I have been shown through foster care.  There have been TONS of people that have stepped up this week and shown us so much love.  They’ve brought us meals, helped with our older girls, brought toys over for J to play with, let us borrow a pack n’ play, and have even given us shoes/clothes for J to wear.  We didn’t have anything really prepared for taking a kid in, so when J came with only a coat and the outfit he was wearing, we kind of went into panic mode.  But SO many people have reached out and made sure we have everything we needed.  It makes my heart so happy that Chris and I have a great village of people around us that love us so much.



The last thing I am loving this week is this sweet shout-out I received from one of my students.  I teach 8th grade math and am known to be pretty tough on my students.  They know that I care for them and I try to have as good as a bond with them that I can.  However, I do have really high expectations and am trying to prepare them for High School, so sometimes they see it as toughness or meanness.  Just when I think I am not getting through to any of them and that I’m being too hard, I get these little shout-outs that remind me I am doing things right.  This shout-out came on a particularly rough day when I had written about 4 after school detentions, so it really put a smile on my face!

I hope you all have a great weekend!  Go PATRIOTS!



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  1. I hope you don’t mind me asking, but how does foster care work when you are working a FT job? My husband and I really want to foster (and adopt) eventually, but I work full-time and he was hoping to get a FT job once our youngest (2 months) is of school age. How does this all work?

    1. Not sure about your state, but our Children’s Division finds them a daycare in our town that is state licensed. So on Monday when we knew we were getting J, our case worker called a daycare here in town and found him a spot. We were fortunate that there was an opening. Not sure how it would work if there wasn’t any daycare in our town that had an opening. Hope that helps a little!

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