Thursday’s Three

Happy Thursday to you!  This week has been crazy and I think this meme says it all.  Holy cow, am I exhausted!

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As crazy as it is, I am loving this time of year!  I love everything about Christmas:  the music, lights, hot cocoa, warm fuzzy socks, kindness of others, Christmas movies, the magic seen through a child’s eyes, everything!

Here are my top 3 things I am loving this week:


We had Teen Challenge’s Christmas party on Tuesday night.  I look forward to this Christmas party every year because it is such a sweet time in the Lord’s presence to truly remember what the season is all about.  It was a great night of good food and even better fellowship with Teen Challenge staff members and their families.  To find more about Teen Challenge, click here.


I am loving my Rocksbox jewelry subscription because I got the best earrings in my box this week!

Rocksbox is similar to Stitch Fix if you are familiar with that, but with jewelry instead of clothes.  You go online to subscribe and set your jewelry profile of what jewelry you like to wear.  It asks tons of questions on what you prefer to wear from style to color.  The more specific you are the better chance you have of liking your jewelry!  It also has where you can make a wishlist of what jewelry you would like to receive.  You can pick your brand of jewelry you want to receive also.  I said I want any brand, but preferred Kendra Scott.  I have gotten a Kendra Scott piece in every box I’ve received so far.  The earrings in the picture above have been my favorite and I got TONS of compliments on them!

I have been doing this for a few months now and am loving it more with every new box I receive!  You pay $19 every month and can have an unlimited amount of jewelry sent to your door, it is up to you!  Every time they send a Rocksbox you get 3 pieces of jewelry.  You can wear those 3 pieces until you are tired of them and then send them back.  Once the company has shipping confirmation that you are sending the jewelry back, they will get your next 3 pieces of jewelry ready and send your next Rocksbox.  So really you could only get one box per month for the $19, but I have been wearing the jewelry for about 3-4 days and then sending them back, so I’m averaging a Rocksbox every week.  {I am definitely getting my $19 worth!}  If you choose to keep your jewelry because you like it so much, you get it at a discounted price.  The jewelry they send is very good quality and doesn’t seem “used” at all.  I recommend all of you to give it a try.  You can cancel at anytime.  To me it’s worth it because I am cheap and don’t like to spend a lot on jewelry, but I love to wear jewelry and make my outfit feel “finished.”  My referral code is JENNIFERBBFF1412.  If I have peaked your curiosity, check out more about Rocksbox here.



The last thing this week I am loving is hot chocolate.  It has been SOOOOO cold and I don’t deal well with the cold.  I have found myself drinking a cup of hot chocolate almost every night to warm myself up.  I am sharing with you the very best recipe for hot chocolate that I have found so far.  Just don’t forget the marshmallows on top!


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